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How to Choose a Home Inspector...

Although all inspectors must meet minimum requirements and follow the same standards of practice, not all inspectors are equal. To some degree, Home Inspection is an art. Interpretation of observations can vary based on the knowledge, skill, and experiences of the individual inspector. Likewise, different inspectors may arrive at similar conclusions by different methods.

We urge you to be deliberate in your choice of an inspector. Take notes about the web sites of those inspectors who have them. Print the list of inspectors who serve the area where you are buying and then telephone each inspector. Ask all of them the same questions... keep notes about their responses and then choose the one who you are most comfortable with. We urge that you ask each inspector a minimum of these questions:

  1. What is your Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Number?
  2. Do you follow a specific standard or set of guidelines for your inspections?
  3. How do you conduct a home inspection and what components do you check? Walk me through one of your typical inspections...
  4. How do you check the heat exchanger of a gas furnace?
  5. How long does it typically take you to conduct a home inspection?
  6. May I accompany you during the inspection if I choose to?
  7. What qualifications do you have which you feel makes you a good home inspector?
  8. How do most of your clients make their initial contact with you?
  9. What is your fee and how is it determined?
  10. Are there any add-on fees?
  11. What type (checklist or narrative) of written report do you prepare and how many pages long is a typical report?
  12. How long after the inspection would I receive your report?
  13. How many copies of the report are included in your basic fee?

After you have asked all of the inspectors these questions, review your notes and make your selection

About AAREI and its Members...

The Arkansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (AAREI) is an Arkansas-wide association of professional Home Inspectors. It was founded in 1992 to:

In February, 2005, there were 62 members and candidates in AAREI. There are three levels of active membership in AAREI.

  1. Candidate: A person who has an interest in the home inspection industry and who is entertaining the idea of becoming a home inspector.
  2. Certified Candidate: A person who has successfully completed the National Home Inspector Examination. Once a Candidate has passed this hurdle, he is eligible to register with the Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board and begin conducting home inspections.
  3. Certified Member: An Inspector who has completed the requirements for Certified Candidate and who has completed at least twenty inspections in complete compliance with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

All Certified Candidates and Members are required to complete at least fourteen hours of approved, continuing education in home inspection related topics each year to maintain membership in AAREI. The purpose of this requirement is to encourage inspectors to keep current on home construction and systems, to enable them to do the best possible job for home buyers.

Contacting AAREI...

For Members And Certified Candidates...

Submitting Your Inspection Reports For Review...

As noted elsewhere, you must submit copies of reports of home inspections (done for compensation,) to the AAREI Board of Directors for review:

Becoming An AAREI Member...

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If You Are Already An ARREI Member or Certified Candidate...

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Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

In June, 2003, with permission, the Arkansas Assocition of Real Estate Inspectors adopted the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors® as the organiztion's standards and code of ethics. Those documents can be viewed and printed at these URLs:

ASHI® Standards of Practice  

ASHI® Code of Ethics  

You can search for Arkansas Registered Home Inspectors who are AAREI Members in four ways:

  1. By city where you would like a home inspection.
  2. By county where you would like a home inspection.
  3. By all or part of a home inspector's name.
  4. Requesting a list of all registered AAREI inspectors. (Use one of the three search modes and enter "all".)